I Never Paint Alone,
Memoirs of a Master Artist

The Collector's Edition

"I just got the book design and am blown away by the composition of it. What strikes me
on the cover is the near abstract quality composed of natural colors and textures.

Once opened, each pair of pages is a pause in the journey of spiritual unity, the major theme. There is just the right amount of text so that looking through the body of work allows an ongoing captivating flow into that theme.  The titles printed so clearly accentuate the secondary
theme of time passing.

Most nature artists focus on the cusp of perfection, like the perfect rose. In the selected compositions the focus on stages of decomposition touching on abstraction is thought provoking.  The book is wonderful"

Roberta Peck
Art instructor, 33 years
Candidate, Highlands County ,
Superintendent of Schools

The Collectors Edition is printed on 170# archival paper, signed by Peter Powell Roberts, numbered, and limited to 20 copies. The 11.5 x 15" edition contains 44 reproductions. most of which have never been seen before. Price starts at $850 (only 9 left) and subject to change. .For availability and current price:

An archival, 11 x 8.5 , unsigned, open edition available for $85

Contact Gaylin Thomas in Avon Park, Florida,
(863) 414-1578 or E-mail hcapprm@gmail.com

Proceeds go toward the restoration preservation and permanent exhibition of
Peter Powell Roberts original oil on wood paintings and sculptures.